Holiday House Security

The reality of owning a holiday house is that it will often be unoccupied. If you can’t be there to keep an eye on your property, and you aren’t close with the neighbours (if there are any – holiday houses are often surrounded by other holiday houses!), you need to take preventative measures to ensure the security of your property. Here are a few basic holiday house security tips to get you started.

Keep The Windows And Doors Closed

According to studies, three out of ten burglaries are committed without using force. Burglars often get in after finding an open door or window. As such, don’t be tempted to leave your windows or doors open when you’re away. Once you’re ready to head home, ensure that every possible entry to your property is closed and secured before you leave.

Lock Up

Closing your doors and windows is not enough because burglars, particularly the determined ones, will still find a way to open them and get inside your holiday home. As such, securing your holiday home also means adding a reliable lock to each door and window. Double-check your property prior to leaving and ensure that the locks are in place and working properly. Experts also recommend changing the locks regularly to reduce the risk of unauthorised entry.

Install An Alarm System

One way to beef up the security of your holiday home is to install an alarm system. One benefit of having such a system is that it alerts you and/or the authorities if the alarm is triggered. Today, there are many advanced security systems that you can set up for your home. Some even allow you to remotely see the images being captured by your security cameras on your smartphone.

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