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26 Apr

What is the Cheapest Way To Change Locks?

There are many reasons why you might need to change the locks at your property. These include: Buying a new home Moving into a new rental property  A situation change – breaking up with a partner or a new roommate for example Lost keys Security breach – someone has your keys that shouldn’t Wear and

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03 Nov

Strata Locksmith Services

Strata Locksmith  Strata housing refers to properties like multi-level apartment blocks and groups of units with shared areas such as stairwells, driveways, gardens and lobbies.  Ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors to apartment complexes is an important job, so Strata locksmiths need to be versatile, reliable and experienced. Ocean Secure Locksmiths provides

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22 Nov

Keep Your Home Safe Over Christmas

Are you going away this Christmas? You’re not alone. The Christmas and New Year holiday period is when many of us head off to see family, visit friends or escape overseas. Would-be intruders know this and are on the prowl for opportunities.  Keep your home safe over Christmas by following these simple tips. Tell The

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26 May

Choosing The Best Home Safe

A safe is one of those things a lot of homeowners know they should have, but often put off buying. This can be because they are confused by the different types of safe on the market, or they don’t even know what items they would like to protect. However, choosing the best home safe for

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21 Feb

Do Landlords Have To Change Locks Between Tenants?

Most rental properties have new tenants coming and going on a fairly frequent basis. It may be every six months, every year or every 2 years. Whatever the case may be, landlords often find themselves wondering whether changing the locks is an unnecessary task or a smart safety precaution. Like most things in life, there

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19 Nov

Home Burglary Statistics 2018

It would be reasonable to assume that with the range of security options available to homeowners (wireless alarms, CCTV and access control systems, to name a few), that house burglaries would be on the decline. However, the latest home burglary statistics suggest otherwise. Let’s take a look at burglary rates across Australia and what you

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28 Sep

Locksmith Near Me: Ocean Secure Locksmiths Are Always Nearby.

Getting locked out is a fact of life. Whether you get locked out of your car, locked out of your house or locked out of a bedroom (or other room of your house), there are times when you will need to call an emergency locksmith. Fortunately, Google has made finding a local locksmith easier than

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16 Mar

Holiday House Security

The reality of owning a holiday house is that it will often be unoccupied. If you can’t be there to keep an eye on your property, and you aren’t close with the neighbours (if there are any – holiday houses are often surrounded by other holiday houses!), you need to take preventative measures to ensure

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29 Sep

5 Benefits of a Keyless Door Lock

Have you been locked out of your home countless times? Do you often misplace your keys? If you answer in the affirmative in any of these two questions, perhaps it’s time for you to consider getting a keyless door lock for your property. With such a security system, you can avoid the inconvenience of being

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01 Mar

Lock your Problems Away with Ocean Secure Locksmiths

Safety is a priority, especially when it comes to locking up your valuables such as money and jewellery. Passionate Locksmith with a Mission Did you know that people are able to break into safes through drilling and cutting? Thankfully, Ocean Secure Locksmiths, located in Ulladulla and Batemans Bay, not only installs safes for the general

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