Keep Your Home Safe Over Christmas

Are you going away this Christmas? You’re not alone. The Christmas and New Year holiday period is when many of us head off to see family, visit friends or escape overseas. Would-be intruders know this and are on the prowl for opportunities.  Keep your home safe over Christmas by following these simple tips.

Tell The Neighbours

If you aren’t friendly with your neighbours, now is a good time to start. Get to know your neighbours and let one, or preferably two, know that you will be away. Most people will be more than happy to keep an eye on their neighbour’s property. If you have a good relationship with them, you could ask your neighbour to water your plants and/or empty your mailbox for you.

Avoid Social Media

Advertising your holiday plans on social media is never a good idea. You might think that your accounts are secure, but if you have a lot of followers there’s always a chance your holiday plans, and your empty house, will end up in the wrong hands.

Make It Look like Someone is Home

A pitch-black home with no car in the drive night after night is a sure sign that nobody is living there, especially if there is no activity during the day either. To make it look like someone is home, try using a timer to turn lights on at set intervals. If you have a smart home, you can control your lights from afar. Also, remember to mow your lawns before you leave and make sure you have no online deliveries coming.

Install An Alarm

For the ultimate peace of mind, install a home alarm. There are many home security systems on the market, from high-tech app-based systems with surveillance cameras to more simple versions. To find one that suits your budget and your security needs, talk to Ocean Secure Locksmiths.