What is the Cheapest Way To Change Locks?

There are many reasons why you might need to change the locks at your property. These include:

  • Buying a new home
  • Moving into a new rental property 
  • A situation change – breaking up with a partner or a new roommate for example
  • Lost keys
  • Security breach – someone has your keys that shouldn’t
  • Wear and tear 
  • Security upgrade at a holiday property

Most people think that when a lock needs to be changed, the entire lock or lockset needs to be replaced. However, this is not usually the case. More often than not, all you actually need to do is have the locks rekeyed.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying involves opening up a lock’s cylinder, removing the pins and springs and replacing them with new ones. The new configuration means that any old keys will not unlock the door anymore. Your locksmith will provide you with new keys.

Should I Rekey a Lock Myself?

We don’t recommend it. While you can purchase rekeying kits from hardware stores and home improvement centres, it is easy to make a mistake and end up having to replace the whole lock. A professional locksmith knows their way around locks and can quickly and easily rekey multiple locks as well as provide you with advice concerning the security of your home. 

Is Rekeying the Cheapest Way to Change Locks?

Yes, in almost all cases rekeying a lock is less expensive than replacing an old lock with a new one. Locks can be rekeyed multiple times (unless there is a fault with the lock or you want to change the style of your lock) making it a good low-cost option for rental or holiday properties.cheapest way to change locks

When Does a Lock Needs to be Replaced?

Rekeying is not the best option when a lock doesn’t appear to be working properly. This usually happens with old locks that have been worn out over time. A professional locksmith will be able to look at your lock and advise whether it needs to be replaced or if it can be rekeyed. Vintage and antique locksets also need a professional to look at them as parts may be difficult to find.

If you are concerned about the security of your home, it is worthwhile talking to an expert. A locksmith can tell you whether rekeying is a good option or whether it is better to invest in a new set of quality locks.

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