Should I Rekey My New House?

“Should I rekey my new house?” This is one of the questions many homeowners ask when moving into a previously owned property or when they think the security of their home has been compromised. But what exactly is rekeying? And how is it different from changing the locks in your home? Keep reading to find out.

What is Rekeying?

As the name implies, rekeying is the process in which a locksmith removes the pins and springs in the lock’s cylinder to replace them with new ones. Usually less expensive than replacing an entire lock, this process allows the lock to work with a new key. Rekeying can be done as often as you want (unless there is a fault with the lock or you want to change the style of your lock).

Benefits of Rekeying

There are a number of benefits to rekeying your house. Here are some of them.

1. Improved security
Rekeying is highly recommended for those who are moving into previously owned properties. It is also recommended for owners of rental homes who may have forgotten who, or how many, people they have given a key to.

By rekeying your locks, you are giving them a fresh start. This allows you to have full control over who has your keys. More importantly, there is little risk that your keys have been duplicated without your knowledge.

2. Maximum convenience
Some people get confused by having too many keys to use. If you’re one of them, it would be easier and more convenient to simply unify your locks. This can be very handy for those who own rental properties, as well as those who jointly own a single property and individuals who need to have a master key in order to access multiple locks within a single building.

3. Bigger savings
As mentioned earlier, rekeying locks is usually more cost-effective than replacing them entirely. With fewer expenses, therefore, you can enjoy bigger savings.


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